How to best give an e-gift card to someone in Austria?
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What is the easiest way for someone in the US to give an online gift card to someone in Austria?

Qualifications, background:

I'm avoiding Amazon for a couple of reasons (in the past, [really] has worked). was suggested and I've used my limited German skills and Google Translate to go through the process of picking a gift card for an appropriate amount, but I have to open an account with the site and it only seems to allow me to provide an EU billing address, which won't work.

* I need to be able to use my US-based debit of or credit card and US billing address to pay.
* I need to be able to have the "gift card" delivered by email today or tomorrow.
* I would prefer it is from a European based site/store so that shipping costs would be minimal or there's the possibility of using the gift code in store in Vienna, Austria.
* I'd prefer it be a book store/media store or a general purpose sort of place where one might find useful stuff as a student abroad (IKEA is also out: no online delivery, the recipient has no particular need for household goods).
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