Where can I watch X-Factor live in London tonight?
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Where can I watch live X-Factor results in London tonight?

Thought this would be really easy to Google but clearly my search terms need improving. Hoping for somewhere central, as I'm staying on the Strand, does anyone know of a pub or bar where this will be on? The camper the better!
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London Pubs don't really show that kind of thing. I imagine though, if you took a wander down Soho there'd be a more receptive market.
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Yes, thank you. I'm aware Soho is the campest place in London and also that its not usual for pubs and bars to play lIve TV. I live here. Going by an experience recently in the East Midlands where the hotel bar was not only tuned to the show but had clearly attracted some regulars, I wondered (what with it being Sunday evening) whether some other bars & pubs in London had done the same. I see you've recently joined us so I'll leave it at 'thanks again!' Now.
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I assume your Google search turned up this list of 10 venues that were showing it last year. Have you called any of them? Clock is ticking--good luck!
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K. P you gem! I didn't see that and will check out the 2 in Soho. Just in time!
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Sorry, didn't mean it as it came across. Just from my experience you either get Sky News or Sky Sports in a London pub. Didn't know what level of familiarity you had with London as I'm assuming you're just visiting from the wording of your post.
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and I'm sorry for expressing my frustration like that dougrayrankin. I'm in London about twice a week for work but am not as familiar with the pubs as I could be. Gay Bar in Soho is the place to watch X Factor for all those thousands of mefites who need to know.
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