What shall we do with a drunken salmon early in the mornin'?
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What simple, tasty things can I make with a large quantity of canned salmon that I bought at CostCo in a moment of fishy overenthusiasm?
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Take any recipe you've got for tuna salad.

Substitute salmon.
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Crab cakes, subbing salmon for the crab.
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Salmon curry

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Try Salmon Loaf and Salmon Croquettes. Tasty!
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I have made a good pasta salad with that stuff (using the Costco multipack pasta). Pasta, can of salmon, chopped veggies on hand (bell peppers, red onion, and tomatoes work), capers, mayo, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.
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You can make salmon cream cheese spread! Eat it on anything and everything. I like mine salty, because I'm used to lox and cream cheese, but you might not. Take the canned salmon, make sure there aren't any bones in it, flake it thoroughly, and mix it with your cream cheese. I like about 1/4 salmon to 3/4 cream cheese. You can also add stuff like chopped up dill, capers, salt & pepper. It'll keep in the fridge for about a week, maybe longer. Adjust as you desire. Eat on bread, bagels, crackers, with a spoon...
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This might sound lame since I generally eat pretty minimilistic but I just like heating it up, then mixing in lemon juice and wasabi.
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This thread (about smoked, not canned, salmon) might offer some inspiration.
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I like making pasto with pesto sauce and salmon. Nom nom.
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I think pasto is my new word for pasta with pesto.
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may i suggest omelettes with salmon and feta cheese folded inside, alongside some crisp buttered toast.
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I made a quiche with canned salmon the other day: frozen puff pastry, fresh asparagus, and sautéed onions. I usually use smoked salmon but the canned salmon was a lot cheaper and still really good.
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Breakfast! Salmon makes some damn fine kedgeree. I prefer it with brown rice or wild rice instead of the long-grain white rice, tho.
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We ate a lot of Salmon Patties when I was growing up. I am not sure of exact recipe but it includes crackers, salt, pepper and mixing it all up with the salmon then forming into patties and frying. Really good with mayonnaise.
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2nding croquettes. IMO, they are better with canned.
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cream salmon!

my grandma makes this and spoons it over mashed potatoes. it's awesome!
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Seconding the salmon patties. If you make them with panko instead of the crackers, they are awesome.
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Mix salmon with mayonnaise, freshly chopped dill and chopped celery. Serve with toast.
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Mix up the salmon with some lime juce, wasabi, dill, capers, cream cheese, and black pepper. Great as a pasta sauce, but you can also put it in sandwiches or wraps with some lettuce or other leafy greens.
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Here's my salmon chowder. I usually use frozen salmon for it, but I bet it would work fine with canned, too. Quantities are up to you - I always wing it to some extent, and I'm not sure how many mouths you're feeding.

Saute the following in a combination of butter and olive oil, in a heavy skillet, until the onions are translucent:
chopped onion
diced winter squash
diced potato
chopped tomato
salt, pepper & Old Bay to taste

Add the (drained) salmon and some sliced celery.

Continue to saute for a short time while you break up the fish.
Add enough water or broth to cover all ingredients; simmer until squash and potatoes are tender.

While that's simmering, in a separate pan, make a roux with milk, then add it to the soup to thicken it.

The roux:
In a separate pan, melt 2-3 tbsp butter. Add 1-2 tbsp flour and stir for a minute or two, until mix becomes a paste. Gradually add milk in quantity similar to the water or broth content of the chowder, whisking continuously and waiting for it to thicken between additions.

When all the milk is blended in and has a creamy consistency, add the fish & veggie mixture, mix, and serve.

It's a great winter soup. Enjoy!
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Mix salmon with Mayo and some curry paster (or powder). Toss in some very finely chopped celery (or maybe even green onions), mix thoroughly with a fork 'till it' a paste, serve with crackers as a dip. Mmm.
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decadent and delicious: pasta alfredo tossed with salmon and peas.
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Salmon burgers are a quick and tasty fix. Here's one recipe. You can play around with seasonings that pair well with salmon, such as dill, mustard, wasabi, capers.
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I always wondered why my boyfriend's rendition of tuna mac was so much more delicious than mine. I found out after nearly a year of dating that it was because he was using canned salmon instead of tuna. He still calls it tuna mac though, which has been a point of gentle teasing ever since. Use your favorite mac & cheese -- I like Kraft or Annie's. Mix in the cheese sauce/powder well before stirring in the salmon. Throw in some warmed frozen peas at the end too, for bonus points.
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salmon patties, scrambled eggs and bisquick drop biscuits (the recipe is on the box) is probably my second favorite breakfast menu.
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Second the crab cakes. Here is Alton Brown's recipe.
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Super simple: Heat with leftover rice and then stir through lots of grated cheddar, plus salt, pepper, and oregano.
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Savory salmon and cheese pie.
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Canned salmon is delicious in ramen...Make one package of noodles and boil some peas or broccoli along with the noodles. Drain off most of the water, immediately mix in an egg and a third of the seasoning packet, then add a can of (drained) salmon. Incredibly trashy, but surprisingly filling and tasty. Also good without the seasoning packet and with spices mixed in- I like garlic powder and chili powder.
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Sculpt it back into a fish-like form.
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