Inexpensive wilderness retreat near Vancouver?
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One week off - please help me find a place to spend it near Vancouver, Canada.

I have nothing to do between the 18th and 24th of December. I'd really like to spend some quality time alone, somewhere in the wilderness, under the following conditions:
  • total cost is under $500
  • can get there in a car without snow tires
  • will be dry and warm
  • only very modest outdoor skills necessary
If this is unrealistic, I would appreciate alternative suggestions about volunteering or taking classes that would introduce me to a new skill. Something that has me working with my hands, especially in carpentry or on something mechanical would be great, though I have no experience in those areas. Thanks!
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The trouble is that this is so weather-dependent -- it's likely that there are places that will be fine, or the winds could change and drop a metre of snow in your way. You won't know until a day or two before, if that.

That said: much of Vancouver Island would fit your desires just fine.

A couple of examples of cabins in the forest you could rent -- nice and secluded, but reasonably accessible:
or just Google on winter cabins on Vancouver Island. Default equivocation: I haven't tried any of these places, so I'm not making recommendations there, just providing an idea. Good luck!
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I would head towards the West Coast of Vancouver Island, because it's typically 5 degrees warmer than anyplace else on the southwest coast of the province. Port Renfrew would be ideal, as it is close to Botanical Beach, and there's a really interesting loop drive over the newly paved road to Cowichan.

Tofino is also ideal, but can be crowded at this time of year.
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I have friends who stayed here in the fall, and they really liked it. More/similar here.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers. I'll do some more searching in the regions you suggested. Something a little further from neighbors (and not necessarily with all the amenities) would be ideal.
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I'm not sure about accomodation, but check out the Gulf islands... Gabriola, Mayne, Galiano, Saltspring (probably too popular for your purposes though), Saturna, and Pender Islands are all places where I've heard of people going to stay.
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