Can you recommend legit paid survey sites open to Canadian residents?
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Can you recommend legit paid survey sites open to Canadian residents?

Let me start this off by saying that I don't expect to make much money from surveys. What I want to do is, as a sort of experiment, see how long it can take me to earn $20 using legit survey sites that are open to Canadian residents. The problem is that I don't know where to find good ones.

I've spoken to people online who, with time, have accumulated as much as $1000 just by seeking out and filling legit surveys.

I'd prefer if the survey sites deposit cash earned from the surveys into your PayPal account rather than send out cheques, but recommendations for sites that give out gift certificates and the like are also fine.

Anyway - any recommendations?

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I've made about $150 from the Angus Reid forum. It's about as legit (and Canadian) as you can get. You get 2-4 surveys a week, usually about politics or grocery store goods, and get paid $1-$3 each.
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I've earned $100 or so from Opinion Outpost in the past year. You can pick a pre-paid or an gift card from them. Not sure how much I've earned from Ipsos I-say; more than $20 for sure. They have or American Express gift cards.

The nice thing about I-say is you can specify how many surveys you'd like in a week/month and they give you partial points for attempting a survey; Opinion Outpost does neither of those.
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I've made a decent amount from Opinion Outpost as well. Although I'm in the U.S. But I've been with them about 4 months and I've made $68.

Toluna is another one that I know is open to Canadian residents. I've made less money with them but still a fair amount. They do checks too. Not sure about PayPal.
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