sat phone rental
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has anyone ever rented a sat phone? and if so... who is the best provider for the best price? (central america)
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Who knows.
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I purchased a bunch of sat phones about three years to send over to Afghanistan. I just called a bunch of places off Google, and got them from the place that sounded most reasonable.

The thing to be aware of with Sat Phones is that they are not "cell phones that work anywhere." For the most part, they are only good for making calls, not receiving them. And you can only make calls when you are standing outside with the phone's antenna pointed to the right section of the sky. So it works for keeping in touch, but it's limited. Also very expensive per minute.

Things have probably improved somewhat since we got ours, but that's some stuff to be aware of. Good luck!
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We got a sat phone at work for an event we were doing in the wilds of Northern California from Roadpost last year, and it worked out fine. We were happy with the service, but honestly we just got it for emergencies and didn't use it for more than a call or two.
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