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Help me find classical music non-profit organizations in the USA.

My wife and I are looking for classical (and "contemporary-classical") music non-profit organizations, as possible partners for a project we're undertaking. Does anybody know of any really worthy (i.e., active, hard-working, well-envisioned) classical music non-profits? We're interested in those that support live performance, contemporary music performance, music education, performance of classical music in underserved communities (prisons/shelters/hospitals/etc.), and interdisciplinary projects combining classical music w/ other disciplines. Our project will work to create performance/education opportunities in these areas, and will (hopefully) create a modest financial benefit for our non-profit partners as well. Google's results are too scattershot to be helpful; the firsthand knowledge of the mefites will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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I don't really understand what you're wanting to do, but Education Through Music is an awesome organization that appears relevant to many of your interests.
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And I also don't understand why that link didn't work, since it did in Preview. Here it is again, in ugly form:
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Would something like the UC Berkeley Baroque Ensemble be what you're looking for?
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Well what are you looking to do? And where? Basically every classical music organization in the US is a non-profit, from symphonies to festivals to education programs, etc.

I used to work with the Moab Music Festival in Moab, Utah, and it is a very cool non-profit, but they do a very specific thing, namely classical music concerts in the middle of beautiful nowhere.
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My son's been involved in the DC Youth Orchestra Program in the past, and I think it's a great program--it draws a lot of low-income students from Washington DC public schools who would not otherwise have access to quality music education, let alone the opportunity to work their way up through the ranks and eventually play at the Kennedy Center or have the POTUS in the audience.
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I can recommend two programs with which I am personally involved. Both are 501(c)(3) non-profits. Both of these groups are composed entirely of unpaid volunteer musicians.

NOVA Manassas Symphony Orchestra "is a college and community organization comprised of residents of the greater Manassas area and students at the NVCC Manassas Campus. The orchestra exists for the purpose of performing symphonic literature to provide a quality orchestral experience for college students as well as a performance outlet for the talent and training of the community members. The orchestra serves to enlighten and educate the general public."

Woodbridge Flute Choir provides high quality chamber music to residents of northern Virginia and the greater Washington DC area. The group has commissioned more than ten new compositions over the past several years.
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Can you be any more specific with what exactly you want to do, and what kind of organization you are looking to collaborate with? I help to run a classical-music-oriented non-profit, and from your question I have no idea whether my organization should be interested in your idea or not, which makes it difficult to make recommendations for you!
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Orpheus Chamber Orchestra in NYC sounds like the type of organization you're seeking, though I agree that it would be helpful to know more about what you're looking to do.
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South Shore Conservatory is the largest community music school in New England. That sort of thing?
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Also, The Music School of the Rhode Island Philharmonic has an extensive inner-city programme through their long-standing PUMP project. Almost 20 years ago I worked running a summer camp in an early incarnation of that project, and to this day some of those kids still break my heart.
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Why not go through the professional organizations: The League of American Orchestras, Chamber Music America, and the American Choral Directors' Association?

I mean, without more information about the specifics of your project, including the geographical focus if any, it's just going to be a big ol' shot in the dark.
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