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Looking for some men's shoes (preferably black) that are somewhere in between athletic and dress shoes, not dorky-looking but also less pricey than Prada sneakers, relatively fashionable but good for walking around airports/cities/etc. Anyone have any favorites?
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I like Allen Edmonds, they make nice shoes.
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One of my friends loves Merrell Jungle Mocs. Bonus for airports: no laces!
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I like the The Ecco Seawalker , but I'm not going to say I'm _not_ dorky.
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New Balance's Dunham brand offers sturdy, value priced Oxfords, slip-ons, loafers, and boat shoe styles that are very comfortable, not the least because they are available in a wide range of size/width combinations to accurately fit most anyone's feet.
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It sounds like you're looking for "casual" or "dress-casual" shoes.

I'm a fan of Clark's, but it looks like the prior recommendations are pretty good too.
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For a bit cheaper shoe, but still one that seems to do the trick try these or these. My SO loves his pair that are similar to both links.

Oh, and I just noticed the "preferably black" part of your question. I'm pretty sure you can get them in black, too.
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argh! NO! those Ecco's and the Merrils are the dorkiest looking shoes ever. god no. And the sketchers too. I've never seen a decent looking pair of Sketchers. how do they get it so so very wrong.

Clarks are a bit hit and miss I think. But perhaps you could find some. The desert boots are pretty cool.

I'd probably start with Campers which are kinda cool cause they are slightly funny looking.

These are very in in London at the moment: Folk Shoes
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Cole Haan shoes: they have a range of looks from dressy to sportier, but they have Nike Air soles which are very, very comfortable for walking in.
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My SO just got these Crocs and has been very pleased with them. No one would know they are Crocs if they didn't look really closely.
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My vote is for Rockports. They have vey classy looking shoes that are built as running shoes. Someone is running New York marathon in them each year I think.
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Radiofiance just got some Sketchers. My rather fashionable boss also has similar pairs. Something like this or this.

Dear lord, stay away from the Eccos and Merrels.
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I love me my Mephistos. Not the cheapest shoe in their category, but quite durable (and repairable). And comfortable.
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Allen Edmonds is phasing out their Embarcadero model - classic silhouette, plain styling, available in black or brown at several widths. You'll likely find them for ~$120 at places like Nordstrom Rack.
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I like my men in Keen shoes.

(But then, unlike others, I don't have a problem with Merrells. YMMV.)
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Huge fan of Allen Edmonds here. I recommend them. You can often get new and almost-new models on eBay for a really good price.
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These Campers are possibly my favourite pair of shoes for being ridiculously comfortable and interesting appearance without being too flashy.

i have way too many shoes.
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I have recently become very attached to a pair of black Terra Plana shoes. They look good, and are incredibly comfortable.
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I recommend you check out Kenneth Cole. They have a small but usually nice seasonal collection of leather dress-sneakers. This time of year every few weeks you can usually find a pretty decent sale (it's 40% off today) every few weeks.

Aldo also has a good selection of the same. Usually 10% off coupons floating around or if you sign up for their email list.

I live in Manhattan and wear things like this for walking to work, certain casual social events or for going clubbing.
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