Gift Ideas for a white elephant office party - under $20
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Longtime lurker, first post. Could you help with some ideas for a white elephant gift exchange party with my coworkers. The company is a fairly conservative large corporation. The gift needs to be secular, inoffensive, good humor and under $20. Last year some popular gifts were Snuggie, Dilbert calendar and so on.. Food/wine seems to be ok but not popular. Any trendy gifts for 2010 or techtoys will also help. Thanks much.
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Hexbugs are awesome.
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The Stylophone. It's a little cool looking retro synth that works with a stylus so even if you have zero musical ability it is really fun. It doesn't exactly fit the spirit of a White Elephant party because it's great, but would be a cool techy/geeky gift for $20 bones. I have a couple, as do a very large number of my friends, and it's an amusing toy.
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Potted meat food product.
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This desktop magnet entertainment tool has had at least 2 mentions here on MeFi in the last week. I can personally attest to its awesomeness.
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You can get a couple of frozen Omaha Steaks in a little Styrofoam coffin for about 20 bucks. I've had good luck with them at previous Yankee swaps.
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Potted meat food product... with $20 gift card taped to the bottom. Or cheap bic pen (preferably from the supply closet) with gift certificate rolled up inside. Basically, anything that seems like a crummy gift, but turns out to be way better than the candle set your coworker just scored.
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I don't know how new they are, but I love the idea of digital photo keychains like this one. If you've had office outings you can customize wit some pics you've taken of those outings?
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ThinkGeek has a TON of fun options!

Chop Sabers? Got 'em! Caffeinated marshmallows? Check! An assortment of silly office supplies? The options are as delightful as they are endless!
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I always dreaded this time of year, and my stand-by was invariably Chia Pets in whatever brand-association they were doing that year. SpongeBob Squarepants Chia was a huge success.
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Screaming monkey slingshot. Guaranteed to be a classic, and just $6.99.
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That's nice, arnicae. How about Supersizing your flying monkey?
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Is it really a "white elephant" gift exchange? If so, it should be something kind of awful and kind of funny, hence it being a white elephant. Chia Pets would be great.
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The Clapper
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Paperwhites were a highly stolen item at my work's Yankee Swap.
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Handerpants: the underpants for your hands!
Potty Putter: speaks for itself
You might also look at the Archie McPhee web site for general cheap silliness.
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Quotable Cards has some nice stuff. Get a mug + coffee?
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I've got a macrame owl I could send you. Genuinely from the 70s, available in brown, orange or yellow. $5! Shoot me your address via memail and I will seriously send you one!

If you want to provide a popular gift, I'd suggest a good game, like Apples to Apples.
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I'm thinking of making this humorous work-related mug my office white elephant gift this year.
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Solar Queen Liz!
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Where do you live? Any major college or pro sports teams? I live in New Orleans and pretty much anything Saints (and to a certain extent LSU) goes over very well.
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Scratch-off lottery tickets are always very popular at my work's white elephant exchanges.
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Maybe miracle berry tablets plus something else for the weirdness factor.
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