A movie/series like Iannucci's "In The Loop"?
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Help me find a movie or TV series like In The Loop or Four Lions (thanks askme, for that one!).

I'm looking for movies or a TV series in the vein of the 2 films listed above, with the important caveat that the DVD must be playable on a non-modified North American DVD player. (I would like these to be legal copies, not d/l's please.)

It doesn't have to be British, but that kind of fast, dry, snarky humour, sans laugh track, is the style that I'm looking for. Preferrably off the beaten track a bit... so, neither versions of The Office nor anything else currently on North American network prime time need apply (love 'em, but I've probably seen 'em!). Thanks in advance!
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Are you aware of Chris Morris's earlier TV shows Brass Eye and The Day Today?
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Sadly The Thick of It, the series that spawned In The Loop, seems to be Region 2 only.


Maybe GBH?
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The Newsroom
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In terms of off the beaten track, well it comes up a lot on AskMe and I think it's just starting to get some love in America, but Peep Show is pretty genius and one of my favourite TV shows of all time.
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You might like Peep Show.
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(All of it's available legally on YouTube in the UK, but I suspect you may have to jump through hoops to watch it from your neck of the woods)
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The Newsroom is really good.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, terrific ideas so far! I had juuust become aware of Newsroom right before they finished their 2nd run, then promptly forgot about it. For those that had seen it, did you prefer the 1st run vs. the 2nd? Both? The movie?

The Thick Of It (and now Chris Morris' other stuff) might be eventually be the thing that gets me to hack my DVD player or buy a region-free one. I'm also asking this as a part of a gift idea (giftee lives in N.America), so I'm also really grateful for these Region 1-friendly suggestions. Please do keep them coming!
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With a bit of research, you can get a DVD player that can be easily unlocked to become Region free. Then Amazon.uk becomes your oyster! I got mine a while back, and it opened up a world of new programming!
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Thirding Peep Show. First two seasons (6 episodes each) are available on region 1 DVD.
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"People Like Us" is incredibly dry and understated in a way that you'd probably like. No idea of its availability on DVD though.
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Both runs of The Newsroom are well worth watching; the movie, as far as I recall, is non-essential.

If you like The Newsroom, I was going to recommend "Made In Canada", a similar show set in a Toronto television production company starring Rick Mercer, but apparently only the first season is available on DVD and that's out of print.

And People Like Us is available on R1 DVD... I rented it earlier this year. It's not fast-paced, but it is quite dry and very well done.
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Response by poster: Thank you all so much. I won't pick a best answer because I'm going to watch all of these!
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People Like Us is available on DVD - or was. I think it's getting trickier to get anything Chris Langham was in now.

If you like Peep Show, try Pulling. I love Pulling. You'd also do well to check out anything Armando Iannucci has had a hand in.
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Oh - it's pretty old now, so the references might go over your head (repeats have a reminder of the events of the week preceding each episode) but you migth really like Drop The Dead Donkey.
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