How do I fix a stuck pressure-sensitive button/key
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How do I fix a stuck pressure-sensitive button on my metronome?

I have this metronome. It's got two pressure-sensitive arrows on the front. When I press the down arrow, the metronome scrolls through lower and lower speeds. The problem is that the button appears to be "stuck". I power on the metronome and it automatically starts scrolling to lower speeds. I guess the springiness of the key has gone. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I don't mind breaking the unit apart.
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Best answer: If you take the piece of plastic off that has the arrows printed on it, the actual push-buttons will be revealed. It looks like it might be made out of a thin flexible layer that you could cut with an exacto-knife and some patience.

You will probably find a switch that looks like this or something like one of these.

If it is the first one, you can check and see if the little plastic nub is on an angle or seems to have gunk in it.

If it is the second, be careful because the little metal dome just sits in place and may not be held in place by anything other than the cover. If that dome has slid out of place that may be closing the switch on you.

Either way, if you do not adjust the speed very often, you could remove the switches and use a paperclip or a little piece of wire to activate the switch when you need to.

In the first case you would simply get a small pair of cutting pliers and carefully clip the legs off the switch. There are probably four. Then when you want to activate the switch just connect the legs in some combination of two.

In the second case you would just remove the dome. Underneath the dome will be two small pads of metal. Connect those two pads to activate the switch.

If you take off the cover and it doesn't look like either of these things, post a picture and maybe I can help you further.
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Response by poster: Wunderbar! Thank you keeo. I used the exacto and as you said the cover is a thin plastic layer over the actual switch itself. After I removed the plastic the problem went away, so it must have been an indent in the covering which was setting the switch off. The uncovered switch looks like the middle picture in the second jpg you linked. There appears to be a second piece of clear plastic holding the switch in place so there's no danger of it falling out (at the moment)
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