How do I go about contacting Matt Drudge?
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How do I go about contacting Matt Drudge? I have an idea that I'd like to run by him, regarding a news feed. How can I connect with him - so that I get him and not an automated response?
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Best answer: I don't know if you already knew this and had decided to press forward, but Matt Drudge is notoriously hard to contact. As in, a New York magazine journalist basically had to do his own version of "Matt Drudge Has a Cold" in order to write an article about him.
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Best answer: Chances are pretty good that someone reads his email before passing it along to him, to filter out whatever it is he doesn't want. If you seem like someone he'd want to talk to, then they'll send it along to him.

The only listed media contact I can find pretty much anywhere is the same email address as is listed on the site.

Nota bene: A site like Drudge which appears to be generating revenue (even if only by ads) would likely have the same policy regarding unsolicited ideas that every other place does: namely, that they don't accept them and they will be discarded by the intermediary. They do this to cover their ass, legally.
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Best answer: Getting in touch with Andrew Breitbart might be a better approach. He's on Twitter, probably easy to get his email.
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