What Jerky Boys segment am I thinking of?
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There was a segment of the Jerky Boys I heard on a tape from a friend way back in the mid to late 80's that had a caller trying to arrange for a job interview while his wife was harassing him about needing to use the phone. At a certain point he has enough and you can hear what sounds like a lamp smashing into her head and then he calls back asking for the person to cover for him because she's laying on the floor not moving. What's the name of that bit and where can I find it?
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With absolute certainty, I can say that I have heard exactly that call. I heard it on a cassette tape in the early '90s, maybe even late '80s. I was several notches more apalling than their standard, and I always wondered if it was kept off the official compilations because of that. Or maybe the callee refused to sell distribution rights because it was so fucking mean.
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Er, it was several notches more appalling.
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Is This it? It's Glassblower from The Musacha Tapes. I always thought The Musacha Tapes sucked because they weren't funny, they were just mean. It's one step above calling someone up and yelling "FUCK YOU" and hanging up.
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That's what I remember.
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That's the one, thank you so much! And bonus points for the mp3 :D

Apparently there was a bootleg of the Jerky Boys floating around and had several segments from the person known only as John Musacha as he identified himself to his victims.

Of the trio 2 others got signed to produce the now widely available Jerky Boys tapes, but "John Musacha" didn't and I'm guessing his material isn't on the commercial tapes.
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