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Need examples of good business/workplace writing styles.

I switched jobs in January, and the writing style that is prevelant in my current office is far more professional then in my last job. I need to learn to be more consise, write less, give it a tighter feel, etc. Any suggestions for samples online (or easily accessable offline) that I could view to use as an example?
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Not a sample, but a handbook: The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White.
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"On Writing Well" by William Zinsser

This little gem will improve your writing with ease. Now, I just need to go read it again after ruining my writing with all of this online posting.
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I know you're asking for samples, but I please allow me to give you some advice:

1) ALWAYS reread what you've written.
2) If there is any word, sentence or paragraph which you could delete and still make the point you're trying to make, do so.
3) Avoid jargon or unnecessary obfuscation, say what you mean in the simplest manner possible.
4) Reread again.
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but I please allow me

See, that's what I mean by "always reread what you've written".
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I'll second the Elements of Style. Revising Prose goes into more detail.

Here are some summaries of the Paramedic Method advocated in Revising Prose. Avoid the Official Style!
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See if you can check Strategic Business Letters and E-mail out of the library (Cambridge does not have a copy but Arlington & Bedford do). I read it and found it helpful - lots of sample emails.

InternalMemos. Some of the content is free and to access everything you need to subscribe.
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NotMyselfRightNow, are you still reading this? If so, check out this thread which discusses some great writing resources which are freely available online. I still recommend the Zinsser book, but hey, these are free.
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