What are these movies called?
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Help me remember the names of movies about an amnesiac violinist, a guy who follows people, and a snowy place.

I while back I got the stupid idea to make a list of every movie I've ever seen, and with a lot of googling I've managed to get the names of every one I can remember except for three. Maybe someone can help me out.

1. The one I remember best is about a soldier in one of the world wars who washes up on a beach in England with amnesia. Two older ladies find him and figure out that he speaks German, (though I think he was Polish). It turns out that he was an accomplished violinist or pianist or something. I remember the plot fairly well, but I can't find anything about it on Google.

2. There is another movie I remember vaguely that starts out with the guy explaining how he likes to follow random people on the street. I think on one of these following trips he observes a murder, but I don't remember what comes after. I think it might have been in black-and-white.

3. This is the vaguest memory: It's a movie that is set in a snowy place with a female lead investigating something. It ends up with her finding this strange factory that at first I thought was extraterrestrial, but maybe belongs to a pharmaceutical company. Maybe they're making people sick. I really don't remember well.

Any ideas?
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Best answer: #2 is Following by Christopher Nolan.
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Best answer: #3 might be Smilla's Sense of Snow.
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Your first one actually sounds like the story of the "Piano Man" who supposedly washed up in Kent, England with amnesia and played the piano brilliantly. (But that wasn't a movie. Sorry)
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Seconding the Admiral on #2. Fantastic movie, btw, way, way better than that overproduced Hollywood fodder called Inception.
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Thirding and fourthing the Admiral on #2 and #3.

Need more hints on #1; any memorable scenes or plot points?
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Best answer: I think #1 is Ladies in Lavender. Two old ladies (played by Judi Dench and Maggie Smith) find a Polish violinist on the beach.

I remember it being a rather sweet film, so if it isn't that one you should try watching it anyway.
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Response by poster: Wow, that was fast on 2 and 3. I had thought "Snow" was in the title of the one, but I only checked "Snow falling on Cedars".

For the other movie, it was older than the Piano Man story. It was definitely during one of the World Wars since someone thought he was a German spy. At first the guy has amnesia. He seems to like piano music, so they invite over a guy who can play the fiddle and the amnesiac plays better than the fiddler. One of the older women gets a crush on the guy and is jealous when a younger woman takes interest in him. It ends with him leaving to be a concert musician. It was a pretty good movie I remember.

Now I've refreshed and seen that somebody got it. Thanks everybody.
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#3 really sounds like that awful Julianna Moore movie The Forgotten it features a lady who, I think, suspects a Pharmaceutical company of abducting her child, goes on a kind of detective investigation and ends up in a spooky factory that's owned by goblins or aliens or something. Top 5 most awful movies I've ever seen, for sure.
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These sound interesting -- and I was pleased to find that all three are available via Netflix instant streaming:
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Captain Corelli's Mandolin for number 1?
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Oh, on rereading, I gather that it was Ladies in Lavendar, which I agree was a lovely movie. :)
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It's absolutely Ladies in Lavender. I can picture the bedroom and the borrowed pajamas clearly.
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