Faculty bloggers?
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Are you a faculty member of a college or university who has a blog or used to blog or even just know professor's blogs that you could tell me about? Gigantic bonus if said blogging is outside of the United States.
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Do Postdoctoral research fellows qualify? And are you serious in encouraging self-promotion in this forum? If both your answers are yes, mine is yes, including the bonus.

[inside-blogging about an educational setting is borderline unethical, so you won't find very many professors blogging about their supervisees, classroom experiences or meetings. Hopefully.]
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Baxter sez is the blog by the head of the women and gender studies department at my school, college of charleston. It is a mix of academic and personal topics, and frequently a combination of the two. She recently had a daughter with down syndrome, so she often covers advocacy and culture related to that as well.
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Stephen Kinsella - Economics
Bernie Goldbach - Media
Gabriella Avram - Media
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Tim Pychyl is a cognitive psychology prof in Canada, and writes Don't Delay.

Kyla Pasha is a poet who teaches at Beaconhouse National University in Pakistan, and used to write Geography, Telecast. It hasn't been updated for a year or so, though.

Adil Najam, who teaches at Boston University is the founding editor of Pakistaniat: All Things Pakistan
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Juan Cole (from his bio): "Juan R. I. Cole is Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan."

He runs Informed Comment: "Thoughts on the Middle East, History and Religion."
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Volokh Conspiracy's a fairly well-known example of this. Here's Wiki's list of contributors (they're pretty much all US law professors). I may know of a few others but none are outside of the US.
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Brad De Long's blog (The Semi-Daily Journal of Economist J. Bradford DeLong, Department of Economics, U.C. Berkeley) is quite an interesting mixture of comment on macroeconomic policy and economics course notes.
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There are so very many professors who blog, it's hard to know where to start.

Here are a few blogs by profs:
Crooked Timber (group blog, humanities and social science, some contributors outside US)
Edge of the American West (group blog, humanities/history)
Cliopatria (group blog, history)
Feminist Law Professors (duh)
The Valve (group blog, humanities, some contributors outside US)

Brad DeLong (economist)
Juan Cole (scholar of the Middle East)
P Z Myers (biology)
Mary Beard (classics, in England)
Claire Potter (history)
John Holbo and Belle Waring (philosophy, in Singapore)
Brian Leiter (philosophy)

Giant list of philosophical weblogs by Dave Chalmers -- scroll down for listing by location

Look at the "blogroll" of any of these for hundreds more.
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Also look at Inside Higher Ed and the Chronicle of Higher Education for columns by profs who blog, and for articles about academic blogging.
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History News Network's list of academic blogs.
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just came across this one today

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John Quiggin is an economist at the School of Political Science & International Relations, University of Queensland.
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FemaleScienceProfessor (Physics, I believe).
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Clarissa's Blog "An academic's opinions on feminism, politics, literature, philosophy, teaching, academia, and a lot more."
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Blog of McGill political theory professor Jacob T. Levy.
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Scott Aaronson of M.I.T.'s blog: Shtetl-Optimized
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political science

group blog: themonkeycage.org (also has big list of other blogs)

Seth Masket: enikrising.blogspot.com
Boris Shor: bshor.wordpress.com/blog/
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Jacques Distler, a physicist at U. Texas Austin.
Michael Mitzenmacher, a computer scientist at Harvard.
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Hook & Eye, a relatively new blog written by three Canadian female academics about the Canadian university system and feminism.
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Focusing on just non-US based blogs:
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Andrew Gelman
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NYU's Marion Nestle.
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Chapati Mystery is mostly done by Manan Ahmed, who did his PhD at Chicago but is now at the Freie Universt├Ąt Berlin.
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Oh, and Kamil Pasha is a blog about Turkey by Boston University anthropology professor (and mystery novelist) Jenny White.
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Tufts University's Daniel Drezner has a blog at ForeignPolicy.com.
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Jurisdynamics by law professor Jim Chen.
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You asked if I am a professor with a blog, so yeah, I am. It's called Quomodocumque. About half of it concerns my academic subject, which is math.

There are lots of notable math blogs: the biggest one outside the US belongs to Tim Gowers.
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I only have an MA, but my job title and visa status are "University Professor." I teach English and edit university materials in Korea.
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ItalPolBlog with Walston on Italian politics by a professor at the American University of Rome.
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I am a Reader in the UK, and blog about computer science, synthetic biology and public engagement.
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Just about every professional/professorial linguist I know has a blog, especially sociolinguists who deal in Computer-Mediated Communication (which is my subspec; ie why I know about them). Seriously, linguists like to talk. I could send you a Google Reader bundle of links to professor's blogs if you like?
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I teach at a small private design college in Berlin Germany. I also run our blog system. We use it as a sort of all-purpose impromptu CMS for news, events, course management, gallery and occasionally for editorial-style blogging. We also have a separate, more brochure-like main web site.
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