My computer shut down right after I finished a paragraph. Can I recover it?
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Possibly a waste of a question but can you recover lost text in Word before it saved?

I literally just finished writing half a page of an assignment in word when my battery pack came loose and shut down the computer. I'm guessing the answer is no but if there was a way to recover this text that would be nice.
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Best answer: You can try.
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If the battery had gotten low and the machine had hibernated itself, the file would have been saved. Since it was an unexpected and sudden power loss, what you'd written hadn't been saved to disk and all you have is what was there at the time of the last auto-save.
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Response by poster: Thanks. That link is really helpful. I think it's probably easier for me just to take the half hour to write the paragraph again instead of going through all those steps (it was just a rough draft but still) but in the event that this ever happens again now I know where to look!
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procrastination, that's a really useful resource, I've bookmarked it for future reference. Tweddle, interesting was to express gratitude.
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sorry, way.....
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