Help me find a personal offsite data backup service.
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Help me find a personal offsite data backup service.

I've got about 2TBs worth of unique personal data stored on 4TBs of disks (two of which are redundant for backup purposes).

I want a cheap and simple OFFSITE backup solution that offers: (a) unlimited storage for a reasonable price (max: $15/month) and (b) an option to ship me an external hard drive whenever I need to backup a bunch of data at once, which I then send back to them full of my data (instead of me having to do all the backups over the Internet, which is basically impossible with this much data).

Does a service like this exist? Or do you have any other suggestions?
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I just did a whole ton of research on this recently and settled on Nomadesk because you can mount the "drive" right on your desktop and copy files over. My only issue with them is that their software creates a special folder where you store all your files, so it messes up your current storage system. They also offer Thefguard, so if the machine your original files are stored on is stolen or lost, you can shred the files on that machine for security and even locate the machine.

Crashplan was the one most recommended that I found in my research. doesn't look like you can backup files FROM a local fileserver (if you have, which I do), but you can backup external HD's attached to you main machined.
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I am a satisfied CrashPlan customer. They allow for unlimited storage at ~$50/yr and let you to seed large backups. However, I don't think they can do this every time you need to do a backup but you may want to check with them.
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