Looking for an inexpensive way to print a small quantitiy of letterhead
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I'm looking to have some paper with custom letterhead printed up. I have design ideas, and I'd like to submit the designs for a bulk printing of 50-200 sheets. Should I just use a local copy shop, or are there decently priced online options? Details inside.

My idea is to make a custom header on nice paper stock for writing letters by hand or printing at home. My current design idea would be something that spans the top of the page, but won't extend the full width of the page top (0.5" gaps on either side, or there-abouts). I'm thinking it will be a one or two color pattern, and I'm envisioning a brown pattern on a cream-colored sheet.

In terms of online printers, I've only dealt with VistaPrint, and a dollar per page for 50 sheets sounds a tad steep.

On writing this, I might be making this too complex for myself. An easy solution would be to print one page and make copies of that, or go somewhere with a nice printer and print my copies. Even with color copies, the price would be a fraction of a dollar per page, and still get a crisp image.

Note: my current printer (Dell 275) is definitely not up to printing sharp-looking letterhead, as it has one and I've been thinking of upgrading to a more ink-efficient (or less costly ink replacement) printer.

1) Any good, inexpensive online printshops for smallish quantities?
2) Or should I stick with a local printer/copy shop?
3) Do I scrap all that and should I look at upgrading my printer and do it all at home?
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Best answer: For runs that small: buy the paper yourself. Give the paper, a PDF of the letterhead, and a voucher good for one free beer or hug to a friend who works in an office with a colour laser printer. You almost certainly have one of these.
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Response by poster: That was something I hadn't really thought about. I feel silly now. Thanks!
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