You bastard! ... file. Or "second cut" file. Not sure.
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Where can I purchase a half-inch (.5" or 1/2") diameter, rounded bastard file? My dad needs this for his specific woodworking and sculpting.

When I search the Webs, I find that most bastard files are described by their length. Dad has not been able to find this anywhere, brick-and-mortar or online. He does possess one dull old thing but is unsure from whence it came.

From dad:

"The file I am looking for is 1/2 inch in diameter, completely round though it tapers to 1/4 inch diameter at the end. Not half round.
I'd like it to be a bastard cut but probably it will just be a second cut, finer than bastard, not as fine as a finish file."
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Best answer: For future reference, between Grainger and McMaster-Carr there's not a heck of a lot they don't carry when it comes to tools/hardware.
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This set on Ebay has the taper, and looks like it's a half inch judging by the adjacent tape measure. But you could ask the seller to be sure.
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Best answer: And here is one available on Amazon, which specifies it's 1/2 inch diameter plus the taper.

It looks like the longer the Nicholson file gets, the bigger the diameter. So you want the 12-inch Nicholson. The 14 inch is 5/8 diameter. Or you could get him a whole set. They all taper a bit so you can make a smaller hole bigger.
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