What questions should I ask a lawyer to ensure care of my mother's health issues?
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What questions should I ask a lawyer to ensure care of my mother's health issues?

My mother's health has been declining over recent years. She has suffered fibromyalgia, diabetes, a stroke, bad knees - and recently congestive heart failure and been diagnosed a candidate for dialysis.

She is separated from my father - but not divorced - and lives in a condo that she shares with her sister (paid for). Unfortunately no one in the family is independently wealthy and now she has to turn to Medicare and Medicaid for assistance as well as other state-funded social programs (she and the rest of my family live in Ohio). In several days, members of my family are meeting with a lawyer who specializes in senior issues.

My mother is 63 years old and has a living will - what questions should I ask this lawyer to make sure my mother is best set up to take full advantage of these federal and state-funded health and care programs?
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Make sure you're talking with an elder law attorney; this is a specialist in old people and the law surrounding old people. He or she will actually know what questions you should be asking, so just try to describe the situation as clearly as your can.
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Yeah, I would ask an elder law atty about:

1. Arranging your mother's estate
2. Getting a durable power of attorney
3. Any end-of-life issues, like if you Mom wants a DNR directive
4. If disinheritance is an issue from your Dad, and what you Mom's options are (spousal support, year's support, etc)
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