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Whats a good photography / video site, that's not about the technology?

I've discovered hundreds of wonderful photography and video websites, and nearly all of them tend to deal with cameras, lenses, frame rates, filters, rigs, audio, bokeh and the technology behind creating great images. But what I'm looking for are sites that deal with the art of the image; the colors, the textures, the feeling of what goes into an image or video. Set design, perhaps? Costume? Anything but tech...
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I don't know if it quite fits your description, but has a lot of top-notch photography with very little discussion of the technical subjects you asked to avoid -- at least based on my experience.

A random example from the page I just pulled up:
There are a few direct critiques followed largely by "normal people" admiration and occasionally punctuated with their artistic comments and critiques.
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i heart photography
alec soth's archived blog
horses think

from there, I would explore the other sites these link to.
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i heart photography
alec soth's archived blog
horses think

I added links to the suggestions, because when I started looking, it took me a little while to find them. They look cool, though. Thanks xammerboy.
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Mr. Metarkest is a huge fan of Lenswork. Stunning photos and smart commentary. Ironically, it looks like the publisher is talking tech in the latest podcast, but he does acknowledge that tech is not the usual subject.
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Luminous Landscape pitches itself as a site for fine art photographers. There is quite a lot of technology discussion, but it tends to be the very high end: large format printers, medium format backs, etc. They have the rather unattractive habit of protesting too much that they don't do reviews, which are beneath them (despite the fact that they do).

Anyway, the other articles, which might be what you're looking for, are rather grandly called "essays" (which I think Old English for "blog post"), and many are quite philosophical.
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I meant "I Heart Photograph" not "Photography". Thanks so much for posting the links bardophile.
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Check out They have separate forums for tech, and several forums devoted to different types of photography (BW, Landscape, People, etc). In the past their was a lot more interesting discussion about photography, but lately it's mostly people posting their work and getting comments back about it. Still, this is a hell of a lot better than the tech masturbation that happens on other forums.

Of course there's nothing to stop you from starting those discussions about style art and mood (and they would probably will be well received). Their studio and lighting forum has pretty good discussion about lighting and sets, and their pro forum is pretty good for getting input on the business side. Their wedding forum convinced me I was right in never wanting to shoot weddings--lots of stressed out and bitter photogs there:)

And I totally agree about Lenswork. Worth checking out; try to find issue 83 for a collection of the late Bill Jay's columns for a cool random stories and observations about photography.
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If you want photography and no gear, the best source of links is Joerg Colberg's Conscientious blog's link list: There you will find links to blogs about every type of photography, links to individual photographers and photography magazines, etc. You could spend the rest of your life looking at that list and never see a gear review.
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