Phone number for Netherlands social services
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Please help us contact social services in the Netherlands! We are in the UK.

We've tried the Dutch embassy but they didn't give us much (I think we were asking the wrong questions)

What we would really like is a way (preferably phone number) to contact social services/childrens services in the Amsterdam area.

I've tried searching without success and I'm thinking any relevant sites would be in Dutch, and I don't know the words I should be searching for (or in fact any Dutch at all!)

Thank you!
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Have you spoken to any of the agencies listed here?
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Perhaps this number if the ones above don't answer your question:

General helplines

ACCESS is a not-for-profit organisation which supports the international community in the Netherlands. ACCESS can be reached by calling +31 (0) 20 423 3217.
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Would it be possible for you to indicate what you are looking for? This may help me provide some links. Most of it will be in Dutch, but at least it will get you started.

Most social services operate on city level, so I'd check the Amsterdam site first - this one's in English and may help you find the proper names of the bureaus.
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The website of the City of Amsterdam recommends you turn to Bureau Jeugdzorg/Advies en Meldpunt Kindermishandeling Amsterdam if you have questions about child abuse or want to report it. Their website is Dutch only but you'll find the contact information on the bottom of the page; on another website I saw their nationwide phone number listed as +31 900 123 123 0. If the matter is really urgent, you should contact the police. For more general information, you could try the Bureau Jeugdzorg Agglomeratie Amsterdam, +31 900 200 3004.

MeMail me if there's anything else I can do for you. I'm in Holland and speak the language.
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A listing of social services (in the broadest sense of the word) in Amsterdam (in Dutch)

Advies- en Meldpunt Kindermishandeling Amsterdam (in Dutch): 020 314 1714 (Advice on and reporting of child abuse)

Bureau Jeugdzorg Agglomeratie Amsterdam (in English): 0900-200 3004
The Office for Juvenile Care in the area of Amsterdam (Bureau Jeugdzorg) is the place to be when you have a question or problem concerning growing up and bringing up. Our staff consists of 700 people that can give information, advice and help to children, adolescents, parents/caretakers, professionals and other people involved.

Translated from the Dutch website: The Office for Juvenile Care is a portal to many social services aimed at youth in the Amsterdam agglomeration. This means we can support our clients on very different areas. Whether is concerns a one time question, psychological problems, youth offenders or families with a multitude of problems.

Is this what you are looking for?
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Reading your tags, I'm wondering if you have a question about social security payments relating to children? Those are taken care of by the tax department.

I would definitely call ACCESS (as per the details above) who will be able to triage you and may even answer your question.
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Thanks for all the replies - really useful!

Sorry I can't be much more specific (it's fairly sensitive, and I can't really go into the details) but all of the above I think should give us enough that we can get the info we need, or at least get us somewhere where someone will know who we need to speak to!
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