What culinary goodies do I need from Ohio?
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Visiting Canton, OH... what food items do I need to take back with me?

I haven't left the rock in a few years. It's been longer for my friends and family out here. So we are all desperate food stuff that you can't get out here in Hawaii...
So my job is to bring back spices and edibles that you can't get out here.

The only thing that I have come up with is skyline chili and apple butter from Amish country. I'll only be in Canton for 5 days. The only trip out of Canton that is planned is to Amish country. There was also a request for some deer jerky. Where the heck will I find that????
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Do you like any of the old time Americana foods that Cracker Barrel sells? Also, is good gravy hard to get where you're at now?

Deer jerky, I'd look for at a hunting/camping store, myself.

If you know where you'll be staying and can thus order stuff now and have it delivered, remember how much cheaper it is to do that out here. Heck, I usually get free shipping. You might be able to do some of your shopping online.
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Best answer: Oh my gosh! A question about my hometown!

No idea about the deer jerky, but I will ask my folks if they know of anyplace in town to get some and report back if no one else chimes in.

Meanwhile, here's my Canton/Holmes County (that's Amish country) suggestions:

- Heggy's Candy (although they do offer mail order so maybe that doesn't count). Here's a map to the factory store. I recommend a couple pounds of French Mints, but every chocolate I've had from them has been great.

- Cheese. While you're in Amish country, pick up some Swiss or Farmer cheese, or whatever other cheese strikes your fancy. They're not kidding about the Little Switzerland thing. I'll let you know if my Dad has any specific suggestions on where to go.

- Trail bologna (also from Amish country, but you can find it throughout northeast OH). You'll probably find it the same place you find the cheese. Miss it so, so much.
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On the deer jerky - it looks to me like this may be much harder than I thought; you're not supposed to sell deer meat. Meat processors will charge you for turning meat you bring them into jerky, but you have to bring it to them, and even if you do want to go about hunting a deer, gun season is this week.

And definitely get some Amish cheese.
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Ohio maple syrup! It's yummy (and I say that as a New Englander), and I can imagine the price of maple syrup on Hawaii is crazy high.
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Ok, so a few more tips.

Here's a list of all the food purveyors in the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce directory, with descriptions and hours.

I would check out one or more of the following: Guggisberg, Heini's, Steiner Cheese, and Troyer's Trail Bologna. If you pass through Fredericksburg on the way, the Ashery might be worth a stop.
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