Looking for a decent documentary on French history
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I'm looking for a documentary on French history. Something similar to Simon Schamra's BBC series "A History of Britain".

The perfect documentary for me would cover, at least in summary form, French history from:

Ancient History
Middle Ages
Louis XIV
The Revolution
Modern era

I was a big fan of Simon Schamra's BBC series "A History of Britain". If I could find something just like that, but for France, I'd be very happy.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

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Not what you want, precisely - but Schama wrote a book on the French Revolution back in the day before he did TV documentaries. It's a book, it covers only a tiny slice of French history, and it might be in a slightly more academic style than you want (though I find him very readable, even in his more theoretical academic work). But highly recommend.

And if it's Dutch history you're after, you should also check out An Embarrassment of Riches.

Sorry, I just have a massive crush on Simon Schama.
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Response by poster: Can't believe I mistyped Simon Shama, twice even!
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The History Channel did a series on the French Revolution but that is only a small part of what you want.
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Three times, now. Perhaps Simon Schama will appear!

Seconding the recommendation of Citizens as an outstanding book.

Does this documentary you're looking for have to be in English, or would your French be good enough to follow one in French?
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Response by poster: Schama Schama Schama. There, out of my system.

The documentary would need to be in English.
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