Help me find a new bra!
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Help me find a new bra! I'm looking for something lightly padded, underwire-free, and available in Canada.

My favourite bra in the world is starting to disintegrate. (There's not much hope of finding the same model because I bought it like 5 years ago, in the US, and I cut out the tags.) I'm looking for something that:
- fits a 34A/32B
- absolutely no underwires
- enough lining/padding that things don't move around or show through, but not so much that I look way bigger
- available in Canada
I really, really, really hate underwires, push-up, or anything with a ton of padding, and because I'm pretty small I don't feel like I need the extra support. But I need something - I bought one of those AA cotton bras and I may as well have gone braless, because you can see everything right through it.

Thank you!
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The Canadian website for the Gap doesn't seem to show their full Gap Body line (which includes their bras), but maybe the bricks-and-mortar stores carry it? If so, their wireless t-shirt bra is exactly what you're describing, and definitely comes in both 34A and 32B.
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One of my friends likes that sort of bra- she's found them at Gap body too.
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I like Victoria's Secret. Their Body line is good, but I've just gotten their biofit bra, which I find very comfortable. There is padding, so you'll have to see what works for you.
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Best answer: I have very similar parameters, apart from not living in Canada. I recently found some nice/affordable options in the "Simply Perfect by Warner's" line at Target (I'm afraid I have no clue about availability). Some of their bras have thick cloth and adequate support, but not much padding. No wires! If you can get them up there, they will fit the bill.
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Oh darn, looks like you don't have Targets at all up there. Some of the bras are on Amazon, too, but not the Canadian version. There must be some way that Canadians smuggle things in from Amazon and Target, right?
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Response by poster: I can still order things from the US, even without extra shipping, since I'm in Vancouver I have a friend with a PO box across the border. I just prefer not to order online because I've never sure what size I am!
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Response by poster: Also, I've seen various Warner's bras at The Bay and Sears before so I might still be able to find it.
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Best answer: Another vote for Warners. Comfy, light padding, and quite durable.

And in Canada!
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FWIW, if you're looking for Warner bras, the cheapest source, aside from WalMart, which I avoid on principal, is usually Zellers, which has them on sale for 40% off at least one week out of every month in my experience.
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La Senza was my go-to store for bras of similar specs when I lived in Canada - also, I find that they run a little small so there is more selection for the smaller-busted.
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Best answer: Yet another vote for Warner's. I found their wire-free line a couple years ago, and now the idea of underwire just seems silly to me in everyday wear. Sears seems to have a good selection of them: Warner's | Wire free | Bras | Lingerie | Women | Sears Canada
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I am madly in love with the wireless bra I got at Gap.
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Oh my god, my favourite, wear-it-everyday bra came from La Vie en Rose on Alberni Street. It was in the sale bin (ugly pattern) but they may have more like it in seasonal colours.

It's a foam type material, yet flexible. No underwire, but holds you in place. Nice triangle shape that sits comfortably all day. Cheap, too, and sized well (36A).

I haven't seen any at other LVER locations but it's worth a look downtown.
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Sorry, it may be Robson and not Alberni.
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Not sure how much support you're looking for, but I love, love, love the Spanx hosiery and wireless front-close bras.
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Response by poster: Thank you all! I ended up going to Sears, and they not only had Warners wirefree bras in my size but they were on sale so I got two. They are super awesome and comfortable. Mission complete!
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