Finding cross-point screws and screwdrivers in Los Angeles
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Where in Los Angeles can I purchase (very tiny) #00 cross-point screws and the same size screwdriver?

If I have to buy 100 of the little buggers, that's OK. I just need them tonight or tomorrow.

Alternate question: my film SLR is missing two #00 screws from the housing on the front of the body; where can I take it to have them replaced? Freestyle flat-out told me they couldn't help, and Samy's was a riothouse and eventually said 'no' too.
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well you can order from a company called McMasterCarr almost anything hardware wise. I'm sure they can ship overnight. you should like you need a 00 Philips flat head of "x" long machine screw. maybe?
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Places to cross off:
Fry's Electronics (Though Specialist Shaun was able to track this thread down on his own. =o)
ITA Electronics on Olympic
Pacific Radio in Hollywood
Electronic City in Burbank

Should I be calling jewelers and watch repair stores too?
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OK, I knew as soon as Harry at Harry's Camera Repair answered the phone that he was the guy I was looking for. He's got a box of 'them little ones' I can go through tomorrow.

Suggestions still welcome!
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Sears for the screwdriver

Or really any hardware shop should have them.
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Harbor Freight Tools definitely has the screwdriver set. I might personally have the screws (as well as the driver), but I'm not going to be around much the next two days due to pressure at work. Are you sure you need them tomorrow?

An option you should consider is buying a used camera off Craigslist and stripping it for parts... or searching ebay and limiting your search to LA local, and then seeing if you can pick up a camera and buy it.
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Here, for example, is an entire camera, with a phone number listed in the ebay profile, for $30... bet you could pick it up tonight. Here's another, $25 and local.
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Fry's also has the screwdriver set.

An eyeglass repair kit available at any drug store should also fit those small screws.
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I think you can get these screwdrivers at a decent Ace Hardware.
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