Children's wedding book recommendations for our ring bearers and flower girl?
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In search of fun - but informative - wedding books for our young ring bearers (ages 6 and 4) and younger flower girl (age 3)?

Want to get my soon-to-be nephews- and niece-in-laws picture books about what to expect at my marriage to their uncle in April. There was nothing to browse in my local bookstore, and nothing that stood out from browsing on Amazon.

If it sways you to one recommendation or another, we will have a ceremony at a church in the afternoon and a reception at another location in the evening. And was hoping to get a set by the same author/illustrator, but that's not mandatory - especially because the flower girl is very smart and wants to keep up with her older brothers.

Most importantly, would definitely like a book with a fun vibe if it exists. Just like the wedding, I'm shooting for something that's pretty traditional, but hopefully not at all stuffy.
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Lilly's Big Day is the only one I can think of and it would only really work for your flower girl. I love Kevin Henkes work though.
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For your flower girl: D.W. Thinks Big.

D.W., the flower girl, saves the day!
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D'oh, sorry, D.W. is not the flower girl...but still saves the wedding.
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I can't vouch for it, but Heading to the Wedding looks promising.

I searched in Amazon's book section using the keywords "kids" and "wedding" and then clicked on children's books--perhaps there's something else there that would help?
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Just a note, in Lilly's Big Day, the flower girl chickens out and Lilly has to carry her down the aisle. Maybe not good if it gives your flower girl the idea that she might be scared at the wedding. I suppose she'd identify with Lilly though instead? I haven't been reading that book to my soon-to-be-a-flower-girl two year old. It's an ADORABLE book, though. I bought this baby Kevin Henkes books before she was born. (Before I bought clothes or sheets or anything, even.) The two Lilly books would be a good present for after the wedding.

There is an episode of Little Bill where he is going to be a ring bearer the kids decide that Little Bill is going to be a Ring "Bear" and his friend, the flower girl, will be dressed as an actual flower, but I don't know if there's a book version. While looking, I found this thread with some ideas.
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