Images of Love in World of Warcraft
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As a handmade gift for some folks who met in World of Warcraft, fell in love, and got married, I would like to use an image that says both A) Love, and B) WoW. I found info on Love Tokens and "Love is in the Air" items (and a pretty badass-looking plaque), but I don't play the game, so I worry that an item that visually seems to say "Love" may also have deleterious side-effects or something. I like the non-obviousness of the Lovely Charm Collector's Kit, but again, I'm way over my head. WoW players, what think you?
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I've been playing WoW since it came out- and also met my partner there. Love is in the Air is only once a year, and I know that I'd probably stare blankly at the Lovely Charm Collector's Kit- merely because the icon is shared with a lot of other items in game. The love tokens, on the other hand, are a unique icon that I would instantly recognize.

Here's a link to the Wowhead search for love. That's where I'd start. Not knowing if they play horde or alliance, I hesitate to suggest something truly specific. I love the plaque on the wiki page you linked, and I know that I'd be utterly charmed that anyone cared to spend the time to research love and WoW for me.

Feel free to memail me if you need more specific WoW geekery.
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Everything that you've mentioned from the "Love is in the Air" is played straight, or as close to straight as is possible in the game. The love tokens are currency that are used to buy other Valentine-themed things in the game. Because the game has just undergone a massive patch, the usual websites aren't available to list everything that you can buy with it, but the second comment on this page lists all the trinkets you can buy.

This candy heart is pretty typical of a love-themed item that mentions WoW specifically. The picnic basket is another possibility, but a screenshot of someone using it might make a better pic that just the item icon.

Favorite item for the wrong reason: the Love Rocket, strictly because of its in-game icon.
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Getting married is clearly an achievement.
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Oh, yes, ACHIEVEMENTS! If anything, make that the gift tag, which an appropriate punny title. Google "wow achievement" to see what pops up onscreen when you get one.
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(Not original; some friends of mine used it inside their wedding rings. But I think it's a nice idea.)
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Whatever you do, make sure you deliver it in the Love is in the Air companion crate. Two game references for the price of one!
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What kind of characters do they play in WoW? I'm not sure exactly what you wanted to do with the images, but if you could get some sort of picture of those two character types together that'd be nice. If you know their WoW names and servers, you can look them up on the armory to get images of their characters. Then if you're photoshop skilled, you could put them together somehow.

Personally, I'm a true achievement whore, and done all the Love is in the Air quests, but I couldn't think of anything that would fit.

Other than that, I think a plaque, designed like an achievement banner, with text about them being Married would also be cute.
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Not knowing if they play horde or alliance, I hesitate to suggest something truly specific.

Well, there's nothing wrong with giving them something very Horde-specific - if they're Horde, they'll like it all the more, if they're Alliance, they'll get the reinforced message that they should kill their Ally toons and reroll Horde.
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I went this link to my WoW-playing husband, who responded: "Kwee Q. Peddlefeet, goblin cupid."
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Hey, all! So thanks so much for your answers, but I went in a different direction entirely.

The image was going to be used in a baby-quilt for my cousins' new child. They'd originally met in World of Warcraft, being part of the same guild or some such, then met IRL at a guild meetup, then hit it off, then dated, then married, then IMPREGNATION OCCURRED

So when my family was kicking around ideas for topical images to be used on the squares of this baby-quilt, WoW came up as a possibility. I, as the most RPG-savvy member of my family, was encouraged to do this square, while other folks made squares about other interests of theirs.

But! Shortly after I asked this question, I got word from my sister that they had both quit World of Warcraft entirely. Like so many former players, it had become an all-consuming addiction, and they figured it was best to cut it out of their life 100 percent. Which would made for a hella awkward moment if I'd made a WoW-related quilt square. "HEY GUYS, YOU KNOW THAT THING YOU'RE DESPERATELY TRYING NOT TO THINK ABOUT? WELP, HERE IT IS, TO BE WRAPPED AROUND YOUR OFFSPRING, LOL"

So! Since my cousin's done a bunch of postgrad archaeology work on Easter Island, I made a quilt-square with a big Moa head on it instead.

But again, I thank you all for taking the time to answer this; perhaps this question can come in handy for other Warcraft-folk!
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