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I need socks. I'm thinking non white, medium thickness, casual socks to wear with nice sneakers or oxfords. Most important criterion: that they won't lose their stretchy-ness, thus becoming virtually impossible to put on after the first couple washings.
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The Gap makes good mens socks in black & blue.
posted by falconred at 8:22 PM on April 5, 2005

I really like these hiking socks for casual work dress with sneakers. They've held up really well to a lot of wear.
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I get my boring ol' black socks from Costco in bulk. Goldtoes. They seem to be OK.

meow right back atcha.
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I've found that good quality wool socks from the Gap or even Target last a really long time and are both comfortable and stylish.

At least I hope they're stylish. :)
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Best answer: In contrast to falconred, I have to say the worst socks I've ever purchased in regards to elasticity (almost all regards, really) were black socks from the Gap, so YMMV.
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Best answer: I've had really bad luck with Gap socks...

... but ever since I switched to the thicker, hiking/walking-type socks I pick up from REI, I couldn't be happier.

No bullshit... those socks have changed my life.
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Best answer: No specific brand, but look for Merino wool (80%+)/Nylon blends, usually in darker colours only. They're very hard wearing, never lose their stretch and wick mosture very well. Black or navy ones work passably well as dress socks. Merino wool does not itch in my experience, but then I've never found regular wool socks that bad either.

The downside is that they're about twice as expensive as regualr socks, but they do last a great deal longer.
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Thorlos make my feet happy.
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thirding the hiking sock route...
started wearing these about 3 years ago...and have never looked back. make all shapes/colors, so you should find something. little pricey but well worth it.
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I've always thought it's the dryer that wrecks the elastic in some socks, esp. if you don't use fabric softener. Maybe air-drying would extend your sock life.
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