The whitest sketching paper
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I am looking for the whitest sketching paper available. I don't know how whiteness is measured, some say bright white some pure white, and it is hard to compare online, so I am seeking your hand on experience.

I prefer the paper to be at least 150 gsm, about 100 lb and of size larger than A3 or 11x17.
This is a gift but since I am out of the country I have to order it online. Bonus if you can recommend a good art supplies website.
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well, if drawing paper is like copy paper, you would look for a rating from 0-100. Like copy paper will say "96 Bright White". Cheaper copy paper is like 90-92, so you can really see the difference.
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Whiteness is determined by the CIE whiteness formula. Many paper manufacturers specify the whiteness of their products. Don't confuse whiteness with brightness, however. Brightness is measured on the 0-100 scale toodleydoodley mentioned. For comparison, a common CIE whiteness number is 145.
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thanks for a much better response jedicus. I retire ;-)
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It be useful also to read up on optical brighteners, which are fluorescent. This might come in to play if you're attempting accurate full-color reproduction.
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New York Central Art Supply has a wide selection of papers. Jerry's Artarama has rock bottom prices, Daniel Smith has a wide selection of papers and caters to printers. The best, most responsive papers will have higher cotton rag content. Sized papers will be less receptive to wet media. Many of the stores listed above will give you volume discounts. Without knowing your intended media, these are some basic guidelines. "Laid" papers will intentionally have surface texture. Die lebe Gott stecke im detail.
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Exactly what is the giftee going to do to the paper?

I own, We answer questions like this all day.

Stonehenge, a printmaking paper by Rising, a stateside mill, is the brightest white archival paper we carry. It comes in 22*30 sheets and several pad sizes: 11*14. 14*17, 16*20 and 18*24. Handles both pencil and ink well.

The French Arches mill also makes several papers that might work, but the best of them- Platine, is unavailable until March.

Collect some details and email us at . Put "Metafilter" in the subject line for special attention.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, I am learning a lot and effluvia for quoting Mies, I will check the websites you mentioned and for those specs.

Mr. Yuck, The Paper is going to be used for sketching in pencil mainly, but sometimes using markers.
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