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Macfilter: If airport is on and I also have an ethernet cable in, which one is it using for internet?

When I've got both sources of internet going on my desktop IMAC, it seems like, sometimes, it goes really slowly. I turn off my airport and then it's back up to speed. Am I imagining it? If you've got an ethernet cord in, is it going to that one as the default?
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It uses whichever one is first in the little window where you set the order in which connections are to be used.
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See here.

Though if you're using wifi and you plug in your ethernet, you'll maintain any already open connections on your airport.
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Depends on the order of service settings. Also depends on what you're doing. If your Airport is connected to the same router your ethernet plugs in to, it should be easy to tell it to skip to the fastest connection by changing the order as hylaride says. However, on occasion you may have each thing doing a different connection - as I set up my neighbor's wifi, once in a while I find my ethernet is connected to my home network, but my airport is talking to her wifi - so I can see her computer on the network, as well as my own home computers.
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