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Where is the cheapest place to fax in Seattle?

I have 15 pages I need to fax (and, no--the place doesn't except e-mail attachments, etc). What is the cheapest place in Seattle to send faxes? As close to the U District as possible would be great!
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Best answer: FaxZero is $1.99 for 15 pages. Basically you upload your word document (or pdf, etc) and they send it to the recipient's fax machine, just like a conventional fax, except you don't have to schlep all over Seattle.

There's also plenty of other free services online but you have to be ok with them putting an ad on the cover sheet. I've been really pleased with FaxZero.
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seconding FaxZero. It works fast and securely and you get a confirmation quickly.
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You might want to call the Seattle Public Library and see if they offer fax service (some libraries do). The University Branch's phone number is 206-684-4063 but it looks like they don't open until 1:00 today. Looks like the branches closest to the U Dist that open at 10am are Greenwood and Northeast (library locator is in the yellow box on the right side of their home page).
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Oh, and I can tell you that the UW is NOT the cheapest place to send a fax, so don't even bother with them. FaxZero is a way better deal than anything you'll find on campus.
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Response by poster: Thank you!
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Depending on your OS, if you have a modem in your computer, you can use that to fax. I think most versions of Windows now should have that option. I'm not sure about Mac's though. You would just need access to a land line then.
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Response by poster: Shouldn't have clicked "best answer" so quickly--that website didn't work for me three times. Any other similar websites?

No modem.
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Any mailing store can do it - FedEX, UPS etc. Not sure on the cost though, but I don't think it was very high.
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I've always just gone to Office Max/Office Depot whenever I've had to fax something. Costs like $1 per page. I think there's still one of those stores clinging to the NW corner of the U Village mega-empire.
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Response by poster: I know any mailing place can do it, but I was hoping to find a very cheap place; the packet to fax is both long and out of state. Long distances faxes at Kinko's are $1.75 to $2 a page.
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Best answer: Don't know if you're still looking, but I've had success with the last few times I needed to fax something. I think their domestic rate was $0.12 per page, and they gave you $1 on signup if you have a non-free email address (i.e. not gmail/hotmail, etc). The interface lacks polish, but it works.

I haven't used it in over a year, so things may have changed, but I just checked it out again, and everything looks pretty much the same.
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