Maybe I should open a shop called Fat Bastards...
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A quick question for my fellow fat gits larger gentlemen in the UK... where the hell do you buy your clothes?

I've gotten very lazy in the last few years - my jeans come from M&S and my shirts come from the 3XL rail at Cotton Traders.

This has been fine, but I've suddenly realised that I need to buy a new winter jacket, and I can't find anything on the High Street.

Based off a trip round the shops on Sunday, a XXL is probably a size or two sizes too small in all of the usual suspects. I'm not that big, but I'll be damned if I can work out where people my size normally shop. Suggestions?

One day I'll work out why women's clothing is worthy of different shops for different shapes and sizes but men's just gets S-XL options.
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Jacamo seems to be the go-to for my larger male friends. It's endorsed on TV by Johnny Vegas, but don't let that put you off.
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My rotund friend says Burtons have the best selection of large sizes. They have a big and tall range which runs to XXXL (53" chest.)
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High and Mighty is a national chain specifically for the tall and/or, shall we say, husky gentleman.
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Seconding High & Mighty - my other half is always High and variably Mighty depending on the time of year, and they do good quality stuff. Other half even inherited some High & Mighty clothes from his dad when his dad died - the clothes last, though they can be quite expensive.
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