Time Capsule VS Charter's Router
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If we stop renting Charter's SMC wireless router what do we need to get/keep in terms of hardware to go from Charter's cable outlet to the Time Capsule? Any experiences switching to Time Capsule with Charter?

We're considering switching to an Apple Time Capsule for wireless and NAS backup and printing. Our home is exclusively Apple but Charter has not been very Apple-friendly in terms of their support. We'd like to minimize unpleasant surprises after making the change.
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From my partner, who works for Charter (and negotiates my Mac equipment):

Sometimes, with Charter equipment, Apple devices have a hard time negotiating a TCP/IP connection. It should be better to just downgrade to a simple modem.

If you have a Time Capsule, it WILL ultimately work, but sometimes you'd have to call in to have the connection reset. This happens to the techs, too.

I suggest just getting a Time Capsule after all, even if it's a headache to get it working. Just call Customer Service, if you have to. It's still a better product, and you're not paying a monthly fee for the SMC router. In situations where they can't get it to work, they just swap out their equipment instead of telling the customer to buy something new. (YMMV.)
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Ha! Now that I look at your location from previous questions, my partner says to add that he almost never sees that problem in Michigan. It's typically only in Wisconsin or California.
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