Where to play a board game in Vancouver?
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Boardgame venue in Vancouver?

I will be in Vancouver next week (see IRL) and had plans to get together with a few friends I rarely see for an afternoon of boardgaming.

However, danger looms: the one who offered his dining room table as a venue is now working that day and the backup venue belongs to someone in the midst of a breakup with her husband, so the atmosphere is a bit touchy there. No one else lives in Vancouver proper, so rather than trekking out to Chilliwack or taking to the high seas to get to Saltspring Island, we are hoping to find somewhere else in Vancouver proper. We are looking for a place to accommodate a half-dozen people for three or four hours next Saturday afternoon. The ideal would be the Vancouver equivalent of Toronto's Snakes and Lattes , but every search for boardgame+vancouver on the google gives me various defunct Korean computer caf├ęs. I know Drexoll Games out on West 4th has some gaming space, but I dunno if that is just for their demos.

Any suggestions?

Alternately, if any mefite has a hankering to play the Battlestar Galactica boardgame and wants to make four or five grateful new friends, here is your chance to save the day...
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i would say guilt&company, but they open at 5pm.
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I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but I think there's a board gaming/role playing type place in Tinseltown Mall.
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I suggest Drexoll Games as I have played there before and they are very friendly. You could always call and ask to make sure as I was in on a slow monday when I played.

Also Benny's (a coffee shop) on Broadway at Larch has a pretty good upstairs that could work if they were not too busy. They generally never seem to mind loitering.

As a bonus you can eat lunch at Modern Burger next to Benny's. They make a truly excellent burger.
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You could try The Connection Games. They have two locations, but I don't know what their rules are on bring-in games (I think they would be accommodating though). Their Cambie location has numerous demo games and a lot of space as long as there isn't a large event happening at the same time.

I would call the Cambie location and check.
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Grab a table at the very large cafe called Calhouns near the west end of Broadway, and sit for hours just like everyone else in the joint. Most are doing homework but I'm sure reasonable noise levels of gaming would be fine. There's food and I believe it's also licensed.

Strategies, the gaming store on Main (south-ish, bit I think before King Ed) has a game room in back but I find playing at game stores isn't optimal if you already have a group of friends. No access to snacks, and less comfy chairs than a cafe.

I also gamed once at a pub near Commercial/Victoria Drive which has separate conference rooms (AWESOME) but for the life of me can't remember the name or address. Maybe another MeFite would know.
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The Vancouver equivalent to S&L is actually in Coquitlam: Borandsi. $3.50/hr/person for game rental, I don't know how they charge for BYO.
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Totally, call Benny's (sorry about the yelp link - surprised that they still don't have their own webspace) - they're (workers) cool about stuff like that.

They have a couple of couches/chairs-'round a table and an upstairs with tables and chairs. They still have really nice space.

But, do call ahead and ask.

They used to have unlimited coffee when I was a highschool kid (a decade & 1/2 ago), but no longer. They're licensed, now, if it matters. They're also open until late. I used to love their food, but the last time I was there, it had really gone downhill.

Of the people I've seen at Drexoll (nice place, great shop), it seems like mostly kids playing d&d (or some variant) rather than boardgames proper.

If you're totally at wits, end, give me a call =)
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Response by poster: I thought about Borandsi, but the cost per person per hour is off-putting: six of us would end up paying the better part of a hundred bucks for the privilege of being their customers. This is not my first choice.
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Phone these guys and ask:
Craving for a Game in Surrey
Imperial Hobbies in Richmond
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