Help me remember this old board game!
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What is this old, question-mark-themed board game? I can only remember a few vague details.

As a kid in the 1990s, I often played a board game my parents had found at a garage sale. It seemed very old to me at the time, which means it was probably from sometime between 1960 and 1985. I believe it was something like Sorry!, where you have a final square to reach with different obstacles along the way. The board was a regular folding game board -- the bottom of the board was a solid blue, and the game squares were in different colors that each represented something -- though I don't recall the significance of the color coding.

My only other certainty is that each player piece was a cardboard question mark in a different color -- they stood upright in little plastic stands in a matching color. I don't remember what relevance the question marks held, but the title may have included a word like "What", "Who", or "Which".
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We had the 20 Questions board game, and it had game pieces like that.
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(Googling is only getting me pics of the newer version of the game, though. I can't seem to find one of the 'classic' edition...)
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Aha! This it?
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Guess Who? or possible Whosit?
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possible possibly
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I believe you are thinking of "Why?", which was an Alfred Hitchcock themed board game.
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No, sorry - it's none of those!
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Mystery date?
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Not Mystery Date. BUT, I did manage to remember something else. The squares had rounded corners and, in addition to being different colors, also each had little drawings on them. One of the corner squares had a drawing of a yellow school bus -- I'm 90% sure that square was blue. I think that the color of your player piece would sometimes match up with the color of the square, as well? Also, if this helps -- the squares simply went around the outside edge of the board, and the start and finish squares were the same.
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Oh, I found it! Match & Move Memory. I was way off on lots of things - there were no question marks involved, nor was there a question word in the title. The rounded, colored squares were tiles placed in the center of the board, and you had to match the pictures on the board with pictures on the tiles.
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