Sebastian and the Prince
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Back in the 1980s on Nickelodeon, a pair of cartoons - The Little Prince and Belle and Sebastian - that ran back to back (at least, in memory). I'm not sure either ever went to sindication in any meaningful way, so how am I supposed to get my hands on them?
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There are French region 2 DVDs of Belle and Sebastian (Belle et Sebastien) out, and you can get them fairly cheap on, but I don't think you can get them anywhere in English.
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Incidentally, is that the source for the band Belle and Sebastian?
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ND, indeed it is...
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Was that Belle and Sebastian, the one with the kid and the giant dog?
(The Legend of El Dorado was cooler, I think. Anyone able to find that?)
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You mean Mysterious Cities of Gold? and yes, it is available, try Ebay. If you mean Mysterious Cities of Gold.
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Mysterious Cities of Gold.
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TV Shows On Dvd is a fairly comprehensive index of what's doing on in the TV to DVD market. That said, Belle and Sebastien has little information listed nor do they have information on similar shows (including Mysterious Cities of Gold) so maybe they don't cover Anime very well.
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Another Nick-imported animated series I'd love to find* -- from a bit later in the 80s -- is The Adventures of the Little Koala.
(* for my kids someday, natch)
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Mysterious Cities of Gold is available cheapest from here:

Tim Skutt's Page

As Tim was the one who originally did all the work to put an English dubbed fan's bootleg version of the show onto DVD, it seems fairest to buy it from him. Lots of people have ripped him off in order to profit from his efforts. He sells his DVDs at cost, and makes no profit from their sale. Also, buying the series from him ensures you'll get the best quality.
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