I need to ask question AND receive files. Is that so hard?
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Need online survey creation tool and hosting that will accept file uploads from respondents. Don't want to spend big money or sign up for an annual license. This is a one time survey, and the file upload is pretty crucial. Help me, hive mind!

I know about survey monkey and poll daddy and sites like those. I really like the functionality of both those sites, and would happily use them if they allowed file upload. I need basic survey creation tools with the added feature that I can ask a question that will allow users to upload a file. I'm willing to pay a reasonable one time fee. Uploaded file types would be Doc, pdf and the like, if that matters.
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Best answer: WuFoo allows file uploads with their paid plans, which start at $15/month. We use it at work & even our non-technical people say it's easy to set up new forms & surveys.

Similar companies that I investigated but we didn't end up using include JotForm and Icebrrg. I'm pretty sure they both allow file uploads (at least with the paid plans).
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I don't know how sophisticated you need the survey to be, but if it's basic, Formstack will do this with file uploading.
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I have used checkbox survey software before for surveys that required uploading documents.
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Response by poster: JotForm is exactly what I needed. It allows file upload on their free accounts and is easy to put together a fairly sophisticated looking survey on the fly. (Even supports conditional questions, which is pretty slick.)
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