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Where can I look for an entry-level non-profit/NGO job?

I'm looking for a job and would like to work for a non-profit or NGO. Problem is, it seems like most of the jobs on sites like or Craigslist require more experience or education than I have (I'm taking a "involuntary break" from my second year of college). And internships are out since my GPA is crap.

I live in Maryland so I know there are jobs out there, but I don't know where to find them. Is there a centralized website? Or should I resign myself to a job in the business or government sector and volunteer when I can to get the experience necessary for something that will enable me to eat?
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Best answer: You could try Also, since you're in Maryland, check out the Washington Post or the Baltimore Sun classified pages,
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I'll second the idealist recommendation. If you want to work hard, get underpaid, but learn a lot and accomplish a lot, I'd also recommend the PIRGs. If you're smart and committed, they will put you to work.
disclaimer: I work for a PIRG-related organization.
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opportunity knocks is a good nonprofit job site too.
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Need a job? Indeed.

This site helped me find my new job. It's great.
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There's also
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jed should be able to advise.
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Just a question - how is that the best one, since you haven't applied/found a job yet? Really, I'm curious how that beats the others offered.
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Here are a few other sites:

Foundation Center's job center

Nonprofit Times job page

Professionals for Nonprofits - you have to register to use this site

NY Foundation for the Arts - this one is NY focused but they also have art jobs in the surrounding area
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Oh yeah, and also try the careers section of The Chronicle of Philanthropy
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Response by poster: Er, I picked it because it's been the most helpful in finding jobs I can apply to. The focus is non-profit, they give detailed information about individual employers, there are a good number of entry-level jobs listed, and searches return a large number of jobs without being overwhelming. That kind of site was what I was looking for.
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Er - if I could hi-jack this question a bit, does anyone know of similar UK -centric or European sites?
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