Err... Whats's up Green? HTACCESS help anybody?
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I am trying to replace all requests to a certain directory on my website with a certain image. Any request to*.* would be replaced with

Ok, so I have my website:

I want all requests for URLs in the following directory:

to be replaced with

So if you tried loading _exist.png

you would receive every time.

I would also like to preserve the requested file name if possible. They see in their address bar but are served up

Can anybody give me a hint on this? Is .htaccess the right way to go with this? I would like this to work for hotlinking and for anybody that tried accessing it from my website. I would also like this to work for files that do not exist in the directory. Is all this possible?
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You'll need mod_rewrite enabled, as the bog standard redirect .htaccess directive doesn't accept wildcards. These examples might be a good place to start. Maybe:
RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule ^specific_directory/(.*)$ [L]
but caveat emptor, as mod_rewrite is not a strong suit of mine.
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(Note: mod_rewrite assumes that you are using Apache, that no other parts of your site have monkeyed with things, etc. YMMV!)
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From memory

RewriteRule .*\.*$ [L]

in a .htaccess in the 'specific_directory' directory should do it
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Yes, gregglind is correct that you need to be running Apache, but I rather assumed that was the case seeing as you mentioned .htaccess.

If you're not on Apache, then you should let us know what you're running.
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I am using Dreamhost and it looks like mod_rewrite is fully-supported on all DreamHost plans.

The following worked great:

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule .*\.*$ [L]

It doesn't keep the typed URL, but it does what I need it to do for the most part. Thank you everybody.
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