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Music to make out by? (trippy, downtempo, lounge feel)

I've been trying to cobble together a few hours' worth of tracks with a smooth, sexy, electronic lounge feel to them. I'm not really sure what genre exactly to classify this stuff as, but I've always thought of it as basically "make-out music". The kind of thing that you can put on when you've brought a special someone back to your house for the first time after a night on the town, ostensibly to "have some wine" or "watch a movie". Or just something to listen to when it's late at night and you're playing video games or cruising the web and just want something smooth and warm sounding to put on in the background.

The sort of feel that I'm looking for is very warm, very relaxing, but energetic and exciting in a dark and sexy way. It's hard to describe, let me hit you with a couple of tracks:

Bitter:Sweet – Heaven
Lovage – Stroker Ace

OK, so a little corny perhaps, but hopefully you get the idea. I'm looking mainly for specific tracks here rather than albums, since I find that it's hard to get a whole album of songs without there being one or two in there that just kill the mood. Of course, if you know of an album (or even an artist) that's just solid gold, I'd love to hear about it.

So, MeFites, hit me with your smoothest, sexiest cuts! Show me what you've got – I know you've got it, you sexy, sexy people you.
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My friend, you need some Stan Getz and Carlos Jobim (here's Getz playing Desafinado live). And when you hear Astrud Gilberto singing, you'll think, "huh - she sounds a little funny." That's because in the early recordings, she sang English phonetically.
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Somebody's already done the work for you. Pretty decent selection of tracks on those discs.
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Goldfrapp (although that's closer to gettin' it on music than makeout music.)

This question can help you.
Also this one.

Careful, though. I remember reading the following (fictional) complaint in a humor magazine a few years back: "why does every guy I go home with already have Portishead queued up on the stereo?"
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As it happens, I'm listening to Buddah Bar IX as we speak.
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Sade - Lover's Rock
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Massive Attack - Mezzanine (the whole album, but particularly the tracks Black Milk & Exchange)
Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X (the track)
Coralie Clement - Samba De Mon Cœur Qui Bat, L'Ombre Et La Lumiere
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Look up the Cafe Del Mar series for smooth, sexy chillout. I have about three of those discs, and there are tons of mellow and slinky without being obviously sexual tunes.
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That Bitter:Sweet song samples from João Donato's "A Rã" from the LP Quem é Quem, which is pretty great overall. Although the nasal sing-song of "Cala boca menino" ("Shut up, boy") might ruin the mood.

Arto Lindsay's LP Mundo Civilizado would be my go-to album for this. Seriously, it's great.
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For a streaming station, I would recommend Lush, by SomaFM. Self described as "Sensuous and mellow vocals, mostly female, with an electronic influence." Might want to listen and check the track list.
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Bonobo is pretty sexy, as is Funki Porcini.
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Lovage. C'mon, their only album is called Music To Make Love to Your Old Lady By.
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Okay, just read all of your question. Ignore me :D

Accept this by way of apology. I would grind all over youx to Folk Implosion's Natural One.
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J. Axel: "Deepness is Served"

Daft Punk: "Something About Us" and "Make Love"

FC Kahuna "Hayling"
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Air- Highschool Lover/Playground Love

Belle and Sebastion- Nightwalk (from the criminally underrated, not-actually-used-in-the-film Storytelling Soundtrack)

And, getting a bit away from your criteria, but still more than justifying it's place on any list of this sort:

Mazzy Star- Fade into You
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Ministry of Sound: The Very Best of the Chillout Session which has THIS song on it... so sexy.
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It's pretty obscure, but if you can get ahold of a copy of Bendy Line by The Prayer Chain it's pretty smokin'. That track pretty much explains why they never made it as a Christian band: the chorus starts something like, "I want to travel every bendy line from your throat to your heel..."
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As long as I'm pulling out strangely appropriate makeout music from oldschool Christian artists of the 90s, i'll also mention Kiss My Lips by Bon Voyage.

Also worth noting are Chocolate Lovely by Amon Tobin, and 2 Wicky by hooverphonic.
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Alright, so you guys have confirmed for me that people who like this stuff exist. Now, where to find them in real life?

And allow me to suggest the classic Art of Noise. That might be more oriented more towards sedate, opiate-washed lovin' than just making out however. You might also like Nicola Conte's "Bossa Per Due"
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+1 for Buddha Bar. Get them all. Awesome.
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4ster already beat me to suggesting Hayling by FC Kahuna.
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Nothing beats Portishead.
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I definitely second everything linked. Some albums to look for in addition: Thievery Corporation - DJ Kicks Compilation or The Mirror Conspiracy; Nightmares on Wax have good stuff though I cant think of anything specific; Tricky - Maxinquaye; The sometimes great Zero 7 - Simple things; and the always great (but possibly on the far end of what you want) Jazzanova - In Between.
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Air "all I need"
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Hôtel Costes!
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almost the entire album: Hooverphonic "A new stereophonic sound spectacular"
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Lots of great suggestions above. I'll also suggest Groove Armada - Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub). I can't remember specific tracks right now, it starts out a bit more upbeat but mellows out to something you might like.
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You should get this Morcheeba record.
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A lot of the trip-hop people are posting about is much slower than the sample tracks provided. The Getz/Gilberto tracks are the closest that I can think of that match those, and that's largely because my roommate happened to play them last night when I first read this thread! If you're going the slow & slinky & triphoppy route, Lamb is a good bet. Try Kruder and Dorfmeister too.

There's also the Back to Mine series.
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Thievery Corporation?
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MeMail me if you want the Massive Attack, Portishead and Psychonauts essential mixes from the mid 90s and the Faithless and Groove Armada Back to Mine CDs.
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(that goes for anyone, I'll throw them on my public drop box folder)
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Since you mentioned Lovage, what about Handsome Boy Modeling School's "I've Been Thinking" which involves Chan Marshall being sultry? Or perhaps some of the stuff from the Twilight Singers, like "Verti Marte" or "Clyde"?
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9 Lazy 9 - Sweet Jones
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Response by poster: Dear gods, so many awesome suggestions. Hard to pick a particular "best answer" for this kind of thing but I threw one down on cosmicbandito's suggestion just for the sheer volume of solid gold tracks in that collection (which I shamelessly torrented) not to mention the speed of the reply.

I was already aware of a few of the big ones, but there's so much to work with here. Now to preview, collect, process, and organize it all! Gonna take a little while, but I'm sure to have the slinkiest, most sensuous trip-hop playlist ever devised once all's said and done.

Thanks! (And keep 'em coming, if you think of anything else! I'll be checking up on the thread and hopefully it'll be useful to someone else someday as well.)
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Late to the makeout party...

The recent album by Teebs is called Ardour, and is amazing.

check | it | out
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If you use Pandora, the Trip Hop station may find you a few tracks.
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I would not describe this as trip-hop, but Four Tet - Hands (and that whole album, Rounds, really) is sort of excellent mysterious spacey slinky dream-time music.
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To me, Portishead reminds me of crying in the dark after a breakup. Not so sexy. But that's just me.

I'd recommend pretty much any of Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz albums. There are like 7 of them, now.

Here's a track from volume 2
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