"chmod 755 ." means?
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ecommerce software directions say: "chmod 644 etc/config.php chmod 755 ." I set set chmod 644 for the first folder. What is "."? In other words, how do I "chmod 755 ." from above? This is ecommerce software, so permissions probably are more important than usual. I just had a hard time finding what the "." refers to when googling.
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"." is the current directory. If this makes you say "hhhuh", you might want some paid (or at least experienced) help setting up your software.
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To find out what directory you are currently in, type pwd
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That was my suspicion. Usually I see ../ and know exactly what that means. And wile I've installed many online scripts/programs, my unix knowledge is still rather limited, and I hadn't come across this before. Thank you!
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For what it's worth, this is not UNIX specific. You would have encountered . in DOS for the same purpose (well, if you were ever a DOS user :-))
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. or ./ is the current directory
.. or ../ is the parent directory

These can be combined. The following are equivalent, and all mean "the parent of the parent directory":

To add to the confusion, / means the root directory (the base of the directory tree). So /. is NOT necessarily the same as ./
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If the eCommerce software you're installing is mission-critical, then I second boo_radley's suggestion that you get some expert help on this.
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Xpath queries also offer the same syntax ("." for "this node"), FYI.
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Thirded boo_radley and randomstriker. It's amazing how many customer credit card numbers are online simply because someone doesn't know exactly how chmod should work.
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