Labour lawyer in Vancouver BC
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Looking for a reputable labour lawyer in Vancouver BC to help with disability case.

I'm looking for some help negotiating a disability related severance package, at this point I'm just looking for a consultation and I'm not really sure how to recognise an appropriate firm.

I have no idea how much I should expect to pay but I think I can cover any reasonable costs.
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I was going to suggest Pivot LLP, but they appear to closed recently but if you contact Pivot Legal Society, they could probably give you a referral.
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I have heard very good things about Leo McGrady. He has done good work with the parent union my faculty association belongs to. His firm has a strong orientation toward social justice. Even if they are unable to take your case, chances are they'd be able to recommend someone else.
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Pivot works in the area of poverty law and related issues and won't be of any help for what you describe.

Are you unionized? That will make a difference in what a lawyer can do for you. Also, for future reference, when you say "labour lawyer" that typically refers to someone working in a union context. Otherwise you want someone who practices employment law.

Try Jennifer Conkie, QC (Vancouver), Edmund Caisse (Surrey) or Sarah J. Hentschel who does both employment and disability law so may be right up your alley. Sorry I can't link to their sites on this phone but just Google and they're easy to find.
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