Starting salaries at DC NGO jobs?
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I'm in the process of applying for entry-level positions at a variety of non-profit/NGO groups in Washington, D.C. At the same time, I'm experiencing the joy of trying to find a D.C. apartment, and it's hard to comit to something without knowing what my salary will be. What is a ballpark starting salary at this type of job? $30,000? More? Less?
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I have just such an entry level job at a non-profit organization in DC. I make a little more than $25K a year which is a little low, but by no means unusual. It is VERY hard to find an apartment in this town that is affordable on that kind of salary. I live in a group house and the rent is still more than I'd ideally like to pay. This whole town runs on the underpaid labor of young professionals. If you have any questions about neighborhoods or job hunting, feel free to e-mail me. My address is in my profile. Good luck!
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Entry level? Not for profit? I'd say $30K is high anywhere in the country; for DC that's probably even more true because of the glut of eager young labor. You've got to move into the next echelon to beat 25K or thereabouts.
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If you expand your apartment search beyond DC's boarders, you might want to check my site, Tastes Like Chicken, for zip code/road/Metro maps of all the areas immediately around DC.

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I work for a non-profit in DC, and the starting salaries are 24K. From everyone I have talked to, this is comparable, if not a little higher, than other area non-profit starting salaries. Resign yourself to the fact that you cannot afford your own apartment, and begin looking for a room to rent in Shaw, Columbia Heights or Mount Pleasant. I have been here two years, email me if you need more help.
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The Washington DC Craiglist is a great place to find rooms for rent. There are several hostels to stay at while you're shopping the apartments.
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Professionals for Nonprofits has a salary survey that will give you an idea of the salary range for different np positions out there. It's a nice tool to reference before you go into salary negotiations with a potential employer. It never hurts to counter whatever they offer by a few grand. Tell them you've done research that suggests the competitive salary for XX position is more than what they are offering. Salary reviews can be infrequent at best in the nonprofit world, and you'll thank yourself later for at least trying.
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