Trying to remember the title of a 3D spherical labyrinth game
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For fans of the The Nemesis Factor and other complex physical puzzles: I'm trying to remember the name of a now out of print 3D spherical labyrinth. As I remember, the puzzle consisted of a clear globe, inside of which was a complicated three dimensional maze composed of slides and structures and other structures, through which the player would navigate a little metal ball. Any thoughts?

If I remember correctly, there was an entire article about the creator of the game, who was considered to be a bit of a genius or savant -- at the very least, this was considered to be a very unique type of puzzle. Any clues? Thanks!

(I never played it -- I'm trying to find the name or a website so I can start looking on eBay.)
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The reason I mention The Nemesis Factor is that I'm pretty sure I found the original mention of the puzzle by following links from articles about the The Nemesis Factor -- trying to duplicate the path three years later didn't work very well, however.
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If this was in the early 80s, I remember the same thing. I believe it billed itself as the "world's most difficult puzzle" or something similar. So far, Googling pulls up lots of world's most difficult puzzles, but that might be a way to get started.
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I could have sworn there was a spread in Wired about the Superplexus guy, but I can't find it-- there was a piece in MAKE though. Articles here. You can still buy the toy, it looks like.
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That's it! Thanks, folks!
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