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Serious Drink? Looking for the best mixology blogs to a) educated and entertain me; and b) help me build my bartending skills.

I've just started to expand my non-wine & beer drinking horizons beyond gin & tonics and Manhattans. I'm a dedicated follower of cooking and food-related blogs (Serious Eats, The Kitchn, Smitten Kitchen, etc.), and I'm looking for the mixology equivalents. So far I've found Art of Drink and Jeffrey Morgenthaler, but there have to be others. So: Mefi Mixologists, what are you reading?

Bonus points if the recommended reading includes recipes/ideas for cocktail ingredients (syrups, bitters, etc.) I should be making myself.
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Oof. Title should have been "Mefi Mixologists: What are you reading?"
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Standard & Pours
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Are you only interested in mixology, or are you interested in blogs covering spirits in general? I enjoy Chuck Cowdery's American whiskey blog, though he only rarely discusses cocktails.
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Mostly interested in mixology, though I do have a special fondness for whiskey....
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American Drink is something you should be reading.
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The Cocktail Chronicles has been a lovely resource for me.
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Cocktail Hacker
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Jamie Boudreau has a really good blog.
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Liqurious is a good site to check every once in a while. Lots of pretty drinks.
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The Cocktail Spirit on The Small Screen Network features terrific video. By far my favorite, but I'm looking forward to checking out some of the other suggestions here I've not read yet.
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I'm a cookbook editor and have worked on a few books with A.J. Rathbun -- we're working on a new one right now, in fact! A.J. has a huge breadth of knowledge about mixology, and really knows how to have fun. His website is at -- you'll find an extensive mixology blog roll in addition to his own blog, recipes, etc. His book GOOD SPIRITS is a great resource.
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I like 12 bottle bar.
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I like bibulous. Reviews of cocktail adjacent things like bar tools and such along with looks at off-beat/niche liquors and recipes for classic cocktails.
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More niche blogs, but The Drunken Moogle has cocktails based off video games, and Jelly Shot Test Kitchen has some pretty neat stuff as well.
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Not a blog, but Chowhounds take liquor veeeery seriously. I highly recommend you sniff around the boards for cocktail threads--I've learned a ton about old school stuff as well as the Boston revival of late that way. That's also how I found Cocktail Virgin Slut and about the Fee Brothers bitters/orgeat/falernum craze (which made me proud--Fee's is based in my hometown).
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It's not a blog, but if there's a cocktail I want to learn how to make, the first thing I do is check whether there's a video of Chris McMillian making it on You Tube.
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Lovely. Thanks, all!
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