Nursing education as a mature student in the UK
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US citizen, settled in UK. If I want to study mental health nursing in the UK, will I need (or should I get anyway) an access to higher education course, or can I just submit my old high school good grades from the 1990s? I'm 31.

I also have a few years of college which I didn't graduate from, but it was one of those colleges with written evaluations instead of grades, should I request those?
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Get in touch with the college where you want to study and ask their admissions people what the entrance requirements are and how they will assess your qualifications.
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My wife is in the same situation (US citizen, UK settled). Her US school qualifications were not considered valid as a basis for entry, and neither were two years of an incomplete degree at a US institution, as they were more than two years old.

The best place to start is with UCAS (University and College Admissions Service) who handle all UK higher education applications. They have a comprehensive page about foreign qualifications.

It's also worth speaking to the Office of Lifelong Learning (or similar name) at your chosen nursing college, who will be able to tell you what sort of Credit for Entry, summer access or other options they have available for people entering without British qualifications.
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