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Are there any tools for blocking out useless & slow "features" on facebook? I'm unsure the last time I actually appreciated any facebook popup. In particular, I've no need for facebook's toolbar because Adium and my N900 log into facebook's chat directly. Bonus if it'll work under MicroB on a Nokia N900.

I'd expect the obvious solutions will be greasemonkey scripts, which perhaps I could adapt, especially if it simply blocked or replaced specific js and css files.

I'd however prefer tools running under Safari and/or MicroB (Nokia N900). Yes, I'm aware the proper N900 solution would be a fully featured facebook app, that ain't happening.
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Best answer: Facebook Mobile
posted by mkultra at 7:32 AM on November 27, 2010

Best answer: To add to mkultra's answer, the touch site is a little better than just the mobile site. Sorry, I don't use any scripts or blockers for facebook. It actually tends to run pretty well for me.
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Thanks for posting that link, monkeymadness. What a difference...no visual clutter!
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I also use FFixer. It gives you a lot of options for de-cluttering.
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Response by poster: I'm afraid the touch site doesn't properly show comments on wall posts once you click the link, although it'll show "likes" just fine. I'd imagine they'll fix this bug eventually, assuming anyone's point it out.
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