Case for Canon SD200?
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I want to find a case for my Canon PowerShot SD200. After having the camera and storing it in my trousers pocket for about four months, the LCD panel is fairly scratched up and all the exposed pieces of glass (viewfinder, light sensor) are pretty dirty.

I've also had friends who have complained that their SD[23]00 LCD screens mysteriously broke for no apparent reason. What's something I can use to keep the camera from being damaged while still being able to keep it in my pocket? If I get something really big it defeats the purpose of having such a tiny camera.

Creative but helpful answers appreciated.
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How about one of those velvet bags with the drawstring that jewelers give away with necklaces? They come in many different sizes. It won't protect against every eventuality, but might keep the scuffs and dirt to a minimum, and it won't take up much room in your pocket.
posted by Alylex at 2:31 PM on April 5, 2005

One of my coworkers keeps his in an iPod sock and its a great fit.
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To save faffing about with cases. i took one of my treo screen protectors cut it to size and put it on my casio Z-40 screen, The viewfinder fills with pocket gunk but i never use that on this small a camera; thats what the lcd screen is for.
Maybe something else would be cheaper but these work.

I wanted this small camera to be available and not worry about scratches etc on it.
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The official case works for me.
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SeizeTheDay: is it small enough to keep in your pocket? Perhaps with a camera and Palm as well?
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The case is very snug; but I'm a bit smaller than average, so my pants' pockets aren't generous. When i carry the camera, I have it in my front pocket with my cell in the other pocket. If you're wearing it with classic fit jeans/slacks/generally tight pants, it won't work. But khakis and cargo pants can accomodate both.
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What I ended up doing is taking Palm screen protectors and cutting them to fit the LCD screen. It works great.
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